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Florida Foreclosure Defense Forms

STOP FORECLOSURE: Foreclosure Defense Forms by Tampa Foreclosure Attorney used by Foreclosure Lawyers Miami, Jacksonville, and Orlando, Florida

The prospect of losing your home through foreclosure is stressful affecting your quality of life and relationships at home and at work. You may feel there is no help, assistance, or services to stop or for avoiding foreclosure. But there is. Just as the lender and bank are trying to attack you for a loan default, you have rights too. What did they do wrong? You may just need time so you can sell your home or get the advice of a short sale lawyer and the lender doesn’t care or want to listen.

If you can’t afford foreclosure defense or a foreclosure attorney to help you avoid or stop foreclosure, you can still find foreclosure solutions by taking the lender to task. If you’ve thought about any of these questions, “How do I defend a foreclosure”, “How to avoid foreclosure”, “How to defend foreclosure”, “How to prevent foreclosure”, “How to stop a foreclosure”, and whether you have a Legal Foreclosure Defense, these legal forms may help you. Before you download these foreclosure forms, please read the instructions below and the directions further down.

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Before downloading your Florida Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Forms, please remember the PDF files are image files and can NOT be edited at all.

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Considerations and Directions for these Foreclosure Defense Forms

Dear User:

The Foreclosure Defense Forms you purchase here are based on actual pleadings, motions, and discovery I have filed in actual Florida mortgage foreclosure defense cases. Feel free to use the forms only for your own personal use. You may not sell them or give anyone else access to them.

Please note, you should have a Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney represent you or assist you in your foreclosure defense. The laws and court procedures that may apply to you are complex and varied and are not necessarily contained in these forms. Also, these legal forms are only for use in Florida Foreclosure Defense cases.

The forms are numbered in groups. Form group 1 is filed first. Only if there is a default entered for failure to respond to the Foreclosure Complaint is 1b filed (Motion to Vacate Default). When the RESPA information demanded from group 1 is received, form 2 is filed if there is a basis to move to dismiss the Florida Foreclosure complaint. When an answer is due (such as if there is no basis to file a motion to dismiss the Foreclosure Complaint, the motion to dismiss the Foreclosure Complaint was denied, or the other side has filed a motion for default judgment), form 3 is filed which also includes a mortgage fraud claim against the mortgage lender where there is basis to do so. Finally, form group 4 is filed to take discovery from the lender bringing the Florida Foreclosure Complaint.

The following Foreclosure Defense Forms are included and if applicable to your situation may hopefully help you Stop a Foreclosure long enough to make proper decisions for yourself.

  • Motion to Vacate Default for Failing to Respond to Foreclosure Complaint
  • Demand for Disclosures Required by RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act which is Federal law)
  • Demand for Written Verification of Reinstatement and Payoff Figures
  • Motion for Extension of Time to Respond to Foreclosure Complaint
  • Notice of Failure of Plaintiff to Post Non-Resident Cost Bond
  • Motion to Dismiss Foreclosure Action
  • Answer, Defenses, and Counterclaim against Plaintiff and Original Lender
  • Interrogatories (Written Questions to the Plaintiff)
  • Request for Admissions (to be made by Plaintiff focusing on TILA or the Truth In Lending Act, another Federal law)
  • Request for Production (of Documents from Plaintiff)

Please feel free to call if you have any questions. Best of luck to you for a successful foreclosure defense.

Very truly yours,


Nickolas C. Ekonomides

Thank you!

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  1. I received final judgment and a sale date set for November in Florida. The redemption amt and second for $100,000 is less than what I could sell it for if I had more time. Is there a motion I can file to delay the sale date?

    Desperate and Stressed

    • You would have to see if there was any error in the judgment but many times, at the judgment stage it is too late. If there is an error, or you were not served, or they had not stated their cause of action for against your real estate, you should attack the judgment. You can also get a stay in bankruptcy against the litigation proceeding any further, including the sale.

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